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What Google Wants You to Know about Its Algorithm Updates

Google continues to make algorithm updates and change the search results to please the user. Similar to the saying “the client is always right”, here the saying becomes “the user is always pleased”. Or most of the times, that’s what Google is trying to achieve.     To fulfill that need and deliver good quality content…
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Updates, Reviews Rich Results Update, Key Moments In Videos & New Search Console Reports

This week I covered the Google search ranking update fluctuations we saw all week long, no Google did not confirm it. Google launched the Sept… Search Engine Roundtable

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Vlog #14: Marie Haynes On Google Algorithm Updates, EAT & Penalties

In episode #14 of the vlog series at the Search Engine Roundtable I interviewed Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes). Before Marie got into helping site feel better in Google search, she worked with animals as a veterinarian helping animals feel better… Search Engine Roundtable

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Google Does Not Confirm Smaller Core Updates

So we are sitting here wondering if we had an update yesterday and a few in July, Google was radio silence about those unconfirmed updates. Now, Google posts some more tips around core updates and at the end of that blog post wrote “we’re constantly making updates to our search algorithms, including smaller core updates.…
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Robots.txt Changes, Leasing Subdomains For SEO, Search Console Updates & Google Maps

This week, Google made big news by announcing they are working on making the Robots Exclusion Protocol a real standard. With that they announced they will no longer support unsupported features including the noindex… Search Engine Roundtable

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Google Updates Quality Rater Guidelines Targeting E-A-T, Page Quality & Interstitials

There is a brand new version of the Google Quality Rater Guidelines, and here are all the changes Google has made to the guidelines and why these changes are important.  The new version is dated May 16, 2019, and replaces the one released back in 2018. One major take away is that Google is moving…
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Bugs, Navigation Removal, AMP Updates, OMG I Don�t Know & More

This week, we covered the ongoing Google bugs, this time with Google News indexing, Search Console issues, and other issues with Google. Google also is unaware of a… Search Engine Roundtable

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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Updates & Reports, Moz Updates DA, Shoppable Ads, Bing & More

This week in search we posted our monthly Google webmaster report, it is a good way to catch up on the past month of Google stuff. Google may have done search ranking… Search Engine Roundtable

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Google Search Algorithm Updates Continue Through Weekend

The chatter has not simmered down that much from the February 12/13th Google algorithm update chatter. In fact, it picked up on the 14th, 15th and continued through the weekend through today. Some are saying they are seeing some reversals of the update on the 13th. Search Engine Roundtable

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7 Recent Online Advertising Updates You Should Know

As every marketer knows, online advertising is in constant flux. AdWords rebranded to Google Ads last summer. With an ever-expanding suite of platforms for you to leverage, it makes sense that new features, ad formats, placements, and targeting functionalities are emerging (and vanishing) all the time. And although that’s what makes online advertising exciting, it’s…
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