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Storytelling With Data: How to Analyze Data & Communicate SEO Insights

SEOs are lucky. They’re sitting on a gold mine of user intent information in the form of keyword data. Very few people outside of search marketing know about the untapped potential in the words and phrases that millions are typing into their search boxes every day. The problem, then, isn’t a lack of data, but…
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PICA Protocol: A Visualization Prescription for Impactful Data Storytelling – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Lea-Pica If you find your presentations are often met with a lukewarm reception, it’s a sure sign it’s time for you to invest in your data storytelling. By following a few smart rules, a structured approach to data visualization could make all the difference in how stakeholders receive and act upon your insights.…
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Storytelling In Marketing Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Every marketer has heard the call and seen the blog posts: storytelling in marketing is the key to success. But what does that really mean? Many content marketers come from backgrounds that involve narrative: writers, journalists, filmmakers. But how do you apply those storytelling principles to a blog post or an infographic or a branded…
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