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The Home Services Marketer’s Guide to Call Analytics

Consumers shopping for home services call the provider to ask questions and schedule appointments. This new ebook from call analytics provider DialogTech explains how home service marketers can use data from callers to: Optimize for the channels, ads, and keywords … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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What Conductor Orchestra, Our New SEO Services Model, Means for You

At our C3 marketing conference in May, Conductor announced a whole new customer support and services model— Orchestra. With Conductor Orchestra, all Conductor customers have access to dedicated digital strategists to support their SEO efforts. Our Director of Product Marketing, Lindsay Boyajian, sat down with Pat Reinhart, our VP of Digital Strategies and one of…
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How to Add (and Price) Landing Page Services to Your Agency Offering

As an agency owner, growing your revenue per account has a significant impact on your bottom line. The challenge is doing this while also producing considerable ROI upgrades for your clients. You want to knock their socks off and extend client lifetimes, sure, but that means you need to make every dollar they spend do…
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Flexible Services to Fit Your Needs: Conductor On Demand Search Services

When Rob Israch started as CMO at Tipalti, an end-to-end AP software solution, he quickly realized his team was shorthanded with monumental revenue targets. So what did he do? He turned to Conductor’s Managed Service team. Managed Services acted as an external hire for Tipalti’s nascent SEO efforts, building out keyword strategy, migrating from non-secure…
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How to Convince Clients to Buy Your SEO Services – Most Common Questions + Best Answers Included

Convincing clients to buy your SEO services is hard. Although it’s a growing market and people become more aware of its value, they still don’t see its true potential. They have a ton of objections and questions, especially if you’re the one approaching them to make a sale.   I’m sure prospects have told you…
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Google, the EU, and Comparative Shopping Services: Minefields (and Opportunity) Everywhere!

In the European Union, it’s been a tough 12 months for Google. But for every cloud, a silver lining. Mounting pressure (and a record fine from the EU for being anticompetitive) has triggered an unexpected, short-term boon for retailers. Found … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Bundle Your Agency Services to Boost Revenue

So, you’ve convinced a client they need marketing automation. Great – hard part’s over. Now you’re in a great position to pitch your agency services in the form of a bundled offer. Clients will benefit from your skills and expertise, … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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