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Aren’t 301s, 302s, and Canonicals All Basically the Same? – Best of Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Dr-Pete They say history repeats itself. In the case of the great 301 vs 302 vs rel=canonical debate, it repeats itself about every three months. And in the case of this Whiteboard Friday, it repeats once every two years as we revisit a still-relevant topic in SEO and re-release an episode that’s highly…
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20/07/2019 0

Announcing Full-Funnel Testing – testing SEO and CRO at the same time

Until now it’s not been possible to measure the impact of SEO and CRO at the same time. Today we’re proud to announce a new feature of Distilled’s Optimisation Delivery Network that we’re calling full funnel testing. Our ODN platform launched with a focus on SEO testing. You have probably thought about this by comparing…
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18/10/2018 0

Google Treats Hreflang in Sitemaps and HTML the Same

There are multiple ways to add hreflang annotations for webpages, but are any of the ways treated differently by Google?  Is one way processed faster than another? The question came up on Twitter, and John Mueller from Google confirmed that Google treats each hreflang application the same, regardless of whether it is in HTML or…
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14/06/2018 0

Google: Keep Same URLs When Replacing Old Content With New

When content becomes outdated, sometimes site owners remove the old page and replace it with a new one.  And they don’t always remember to use a redirect when doing so.  The question came up on Twitter about whether it is best to replace the content or redirect from the old page to the new one.…
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08/05/2018 0

Why Google Shows Same Site Multiple Times for Competitive Keywords

Sometimes when you do a Google search, you end up seeing the same site multiple times on the first page of the results, sometimes occupying the top 3 positions. Sometimes you see the same site many more times in the top 10, which is pretty common with some searches with Yelp results. But is this…
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