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Use Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines To Assess Site Quality

What are Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?   To make sure that Google’s search engine is returning the right answers, Google regularly uses human contractors to evaluate search results to make sure that the latest algorithm is returning the kind of results they want. Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines are the instructions that they give these evaluators.…
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E-A-T and the Quality Raters’ Guidelines – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by MarieHaynes EAT — also known as Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness — is a big deal when it comes to Google’s algorithms. But what exactly does this acronym entail, and why does it matter to your everyday work? In this bite-sized version of her full MozCon 2019 presentation, Marie Haynes describes exactly what E-A-T…
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Lead Volume vs. Lead Quality By RuthBurrReedy

Posted by RuthBurrReedy Ruth Burr Reedy is an SEO and online marketing consultant and speaker and the Vice President of Strategy at UpBuild, a technical marketing agency specializing in SEO, web analytics, and conversion rate optimization. This is the first post in a recurring monthly series and we’re excited!  When you’re onboarding a new SEO client who works…
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PPC & SEO Synergy Part 3: Ad Copy Testing & Quality Score Correlation

Part 3 includes two more synergy ideas, together with a downloadable checklist that you can start using internally. Before reading the post below, I recommend you check part one here and part two here. The two synergy ideas covered in this post will be focused on the following subjects: PPC ad copy testing for SEO: we recommend taking learnings…
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Google: We Try Recognize Author Details, Reviewer Details & Overall Site Quality Details

Google’s John Mueller said in that video hangout at the 39:51 mark that Google does try to recognize “additional details about information about the author, information about the reviewers, about the website overall, through through a number of ways.” Search Engine Roundtable

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Google Updates Quality Rater Guidelines Targeting E-A-T, Page Quality & Interstitials

There is a brand new version of the Google Quality Rater Guidelines, and here are all the changes Google has made to the guidelines and why these changes are important.  The new version is dated May 16, 2019, and replaces the one released back in 2018. One major take away is that Google is moving…
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Mission Possible: Quality Content Marketing

Content pollution is real. We’re producing more than ever, but quality of content marketing has slipped. Are you part of the problem? In this issue of Agency Perspectives from SharpSpring, you’ll learn: How to develop content your target audience actually … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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11 Paid Search Tactics that Drive Quality Inbound Calls

Pay-per-click is an effective way to get your most valuable customers on the phone. Calls convert at 10x the rate of clicks, so it’s a potential goldmine for companies that can connect with the right customers on the phone. But … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Paid Search Tactics That Drive Quality Inbound Calls

Click-to-call ads and direct dial from voice assistants are making it easier than ever for consumers to turn their digital research into phone conversations. In fact, 70% of consumers now call directly from mobile search, and BIA/Kelsey expects mobile calls … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Google Does Not Use Quality Raters for Machine Learning Algos

Whenever there is a new quality raters guidelines released by Google, there is always lots of speculation about what Google does with the data from those ratings.  And does that include machine learning? Google confirmed that they use quality raters to evaluate potential changes to the search algos. They push out a change and then…
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