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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Bugs, Navigation Removal, AMP Updates, OMG I Don�t Know & More

This week, we covered the ongoing Google bugs, this time with Google News indexing, Search Console issues, and other issues with Google. Google also is unaware of a… Search Engine Roundtable

21/04/2019 0

The Sneaky Tactic Ecommerce Brands Use to Attract More Customers

Have you ever seen that video of the kid trying to collect water in a wire bucket? It’s pretty hilarious: Problem is, it’s also painfully reminiscent of a lot of marketers’ strategy. Sure, they’re working hard and hustling. But the processes, funnels, and journeys they use create more leaks than that kid’s bucket. And when…
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18/04/2019 0

Facebook Improves Brand Safety Controls & More Recent News

It’s time for another round-up of the online advertising news, folks. Let’s see what’s been going on recently in the worlds of search, social, and ecommerce. Facebook makes it easier to control ad placements If you’re currently running—or have ever run—contextual advertisements, you understand how important it is to have control over the content that’s…
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18/04/2019 0

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google De-Indexing Bug Fixed, Google Discover Report, Google Assistant Ads & More

This week, we saw a lot of the Google ranking tools go nuts but it is probably related to the indexing bug. Google said after 6 days of trying they finally fixed the de-indexing bug… Search Engine Roundtable

12/04/2019 0

Facebook Removes Targeting Options, LinkedIn Launches Lookalikes, & More Recent News

Happy spring, dearest readers. Warm days are ahead! While the seasons were changing, so was the world of online advertising—that’s why it’s time for another news round-up. Let’s see what’s been going on recently. Facebook removes more targeting options In 2018, the National Fair Housing Alliance, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Communication Workers of…
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04/04/2019 0

Save Time & Sell More with WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce

Although no two ecommerce businesses are alike, everyone can agree on one thing: advertising on Google Shopping isn’t easy. Between creating and updating your product data feed, building out campaigns and product groups, and optimizing your on-site experience to maximize conversions, you probably don’t have time to take care of everything else on your plate.…
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03/04/2019 0

More For Your Clients, More For You: The Best Way to Give Your Agency an Edge This Year

  The agency life ain’t easy. There’s constant competition to acquire new clients and new agencies are poppin’ up every day. You know your agency delivers and that your team is stacked with experts. You know your clients will be happy they chose you because you’ve got a great track record. But, you also know…
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02/04/2019 0

Facebook Tests an Opportunities Tab, Google Makes Images Shoppable, & More Recent News

In the words of America’s sweetheart Jim Nantz: Hello, friends. It’s time for another online advertising news round-up. Let’s see what’s been going on in March thus far. Facebook quietly launches an Opportunities tab Last Friday, our paid advertising expert, Kristina, as well as one of the account managers on our Managed Services team, Scott, noticed…
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19/03/2019 0

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Updates & Reports, Moz Updates DA, Shoppable Ads, Bing & More

This week in search we posted our monthly Google webmaster report, it is a good way to catch up on the past month of Google stuff. Google may have done search ranking… Search Engine Roundtable

10/03/2019 0

Why Free SEO Audits & Tools Can Actually Cost You More On The Long Run

If you’re active on social media groups or forums, you’ve probably seen plenty of free SEO audit offers. Ask an opinion about your site and the comment sections will quickly fill up with offers.   Hey, but it’s FREE, right? I mean, isn’t that great? However… if we’ve learned something over the past years of…
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06/02/2019 0

Product List

Loading the page…   Share 1 2   Share Free SEO Software Want to rank highly in Google? Try traffic Travis, free SEO software Traffic Travis is a software designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research. Visit Website…
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