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How Google’s Nofollow, Sponsored, & UGC Links Impact SEO

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard Google shook up the SEO world by announcing big changes to how publishers should mark nofollow links. The changes — while beneficial to help Google understand the web — nonetheless caused confusion and raised a number of questions. We’ve got the answers to many of your questions here. 14 years after its introduction,…
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Google: Amazon Alexa Rank Does Not Impact Google Search

This is probably super obvious to most of you but this may be the first time I’ve heard Google comment about this. Amazon has this Alexa rank feature, they had it since like 1996, a super long time. Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google uses it for ranking sites and he obviously said no.…
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13/08/2019 0

Google: Influx In Google Alert Spam Shouldn’t Impact Your Google Rankings

We have probably all seen it, an influx in spam related to the subscriptions you set with Google Alerts around your web site and brands you track. But Google’s John Mueller and Danny Sullivan said that influx of spam in Google Alerts should not have any impact on your Google search rankings. Search Engine Roundtable

25/06/2019 0

Content Freshness & Rankings | Does Fresh Content Impact SEO?

You keep hearing around that the same way true fans like their Apples fresh (I’m talking about iPhones), Google likes its content fresh. Well, it’s somewhat true, but not for the reasons you might think of!   Google doesn’t necessarily favor “fresh” content. Some search queries definitely deserve freshness, while others not so much. However,…
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Brand Bidding Impact Report

Brand infringement disrupts branded purchase journeys, and negatively impacts customer acquisition and channel ROI. However, all too often the data advertisers have on this area is limited. As a consequence, brands suffer from an incomplete understanding of the full extent … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

19/11/2018 0

Google + Is Shutting Down. How Does It Impact Your SEO?

Google +? Have you forgotten about it, too? While many of you seem to have been disregarding Google + over the past few years, it was there. But now, as the latest news confirms, we’ve found out that it will be shut down after user information was exposed. It is no shock for some to…
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Keyword Cannibalization Impact on SEO – A Threat or an Opportunity?

You’ve probably heard multiple times that keyword cannibalization affects your rankings and your whole website. Lots of experts and Google officials started to warn us to avoid falling into this trap and start optimizing each page for a unique keyword, adding unique title tags and meta descriptions.   Keyword cannibalization was a term that SEO…
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Google’s 2018 Updates So Far And How They Already Impact Your Website

I wish I knew earlier about this Google update! is something many site owners or marketers say on a daily basis. Moreover, it would be heaven on earth if we also knew how all those Google algorithm changes, be they official or unnamed updates, should be dealt with.   Most times, we get to see how…
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Canonical URLs – Best Practices, Common Mistakes & Their Impact on SEO

There are many questions about canonical tags that could have landed you on this page. What are canonical tags? When to use them? Do canonical tags impact SEO in any way?   We know, there’s a lot to take in. But do you know what the good part is? This article will answer everything you…
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Google: Cache-Control Headers Do Not Impact GoogleBot

The Cache-Control general-header has no impact on GoogleBot and how it crawls your web pages. The cache-control general-header “field is used to specify directives for caching mechanisms in both requests and responses,” says MDN docs… Search Engine Roundtable

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