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E-commerce SEO: guide on when to create and optimise new categories pages

Without considering a website’s homepage, category pages on e-commerce sites generate most of your organic traffic – are any of you surprised by this statement? If this comes as a shock, I have bad news: you might need to reconsider your information architecture. If you have done your job right then you have nothing to…
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The Guide to Building Linked Unstructured Citations for Local SEO

Posted by MiriamEllis This article was written jointly in partnership with Kameron Jenkins. You can enjoy her previous articles here. When you’ve accomplished step one in your local search marketing, how do you take step two? You already know that any local business you market has to have the table stakes of accurate structured citations…
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The Advanced Guide to Keyword Clustering

Posted by tomcasano If your goal is to grow your organic traffic, you have to think about SEO in terms of “product/market fit.” Keyword research is the “market” (what users are actually searching for) and content is the “product” (what users are consuming). The “fit” is optimization. To grow your organic traffic, you need your…
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The Complete Guide to Instagram Analytics

Have you looked at your Instagram numbers lately? Perhaps you keep track of your likes or have an idea of your month-to-month follower growth. But have you really explored the analytics and sifted through that data? If the answer is no, it is time to do just that! Looking at your Instagram analytics will help…
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How to Do a Backlink Audit – The Step by Step Guide

Recently somebody has asked me how to do a backlink audit and what are the required steps for an accurate analysis. We’ve talked numerous times on what’s the best way to evaluate your links and remove the damaging ones. So, it got me thinking … We need to create a guideline.   A backlink audit…
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What is AMP? A Marketer’s Guide to Google AMP

Ever noticed the lightning bolt sign next to a result in a mobile SERP? Congratulations! You have been touched by the Google AMP Project. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, and it was developed “to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.” Because the mobile web has a bad habit of being very, very slow.…
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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

Earlier this month, we said that you can think about optimizing for the Amazon buy box in the same way you think about optimizing content for the organic search results. Both situations involve algorithms designed to deliver shoppers (or searchers) the best experiences possible. The crossover between ecommerce and organic search doesn’t stop there. When…
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Tag Auditing Platform Buyer’s Guide: Best Practices for Tag Management and Governance

Tag governance can be a complicated process. With the growing availability of tag-driven marketing and data platforms, it’s more important than ever to monitor the tags on your site, as well as what data they’re collecting and the overall impact … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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The New Face of Data-Driven Marketing: A Buyer’s Guide for Today’s Omnichannel Marketer

While the market is ripe with over thousands of martech and adtech options, marketers must ensure they have the right unified data foundation in place to power their marketing ecosystem. A new eBook from Acxiom, “The New Face of Data-Driven … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Google Analytics 360: A Purchasing Guide

This white paper from InfoTrust will provide you with everything you need to keep in mind when considering purchasing Google Analytics 360 for your organization. It covers: Determining if there is a business case for Google Analytics 360 Selling the … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Loading the page…   Share 1 2   Share Free SEO Software Want to rank highly in Google? Try traffic Travis, free SEO software Traffic Travis is a software designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research. Visit Website…
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