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Google Video Structured Data Help Document Gets A Big Update

Lizzi Harvey from Google announced that the video structured data doc got a big refresh. I took a quick look and yes, it is so much better. Google added More screenshots, how to mark timestamps on YouTube videos, how monitor your video performance with Search Console, the live badge docs are now merged with main…
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Algorithm Updates, Video Structured Data Docs & Interviewing Danny Sullivan

This week, I did the video from my hotel room in NYC… Search Engine Roundtable

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Search Buzz Video Recap: Bing Spam Penalties, Google Local Ranking Update, Speed Reports & More

This week in search I posted the big monthly Google Webmaster report, so catch up there quickly. Bing announced a boat load of new search spam penalties that is rolling out. Google may have done a local search algorithm update this week. Google…. Search Engine Roundtable

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What Google Wants You to Know about Its Algorithm Updates

Google continues to make algorithm updates and change the search results to please the user. Similar to the saying “the client is always right”, here the saying becomes “the user is always pleased”. Or most of the times, that’s what Google is trying to achieve.     To fulfill that need and deliver good quality content…
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95+ Ideas for Google Ads Remarketing Lists

I’ve been speaking a lot recently on the benefits of using audiences to their full extent, especially by customizing pixels to create new audiences for users on your website. The biggest benefit is that you can segment audiences into more niche groups and market to them accordingly—as in, based on more than just a site…
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This Is What Happens When You Accidentally De-Index Your Site from Google

Posted by Jeff_Baker Does reading that title give you a mini-panic attack? Having gone through exactly as the title suggests, I can guarantee your anxiety is fully warranted. If you care to relive my nightmare with me — perhaps as equal parts catharsis and SEO study — we will walk through the events chronologically. Are…
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What is the Google BERT Update? Is My Site Ok?

Google just announced a major algorithm update—one that will impact 10% of all searches. The update involves a language processing technology called BERT, which can assess the way words in a search query relate to each other, and should give Google a more nuanced understanding of a searcher’s intent.  It’s one of the most impactful…
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NEW Google Lead Form Extensions Rolling into Campaigns

It’s no secret—advertising on mobile can be hard! Screens are small, connections are slow, and your customers’ attentions are short. All of these factors come together to form an inconvenient truth: Mobile conversion rates are lower than on desktop. There are many ways to improve your mobile conversion rate and get more searchers to convert…
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Google BERT Update. How the Natural Language Algorithm Affects You

Just last week Google made waves with its announcement of quantum supremacy – the claim that they have developed a quantum computer that has been demonstrated to solve, in a matter of days, a problem that a “classic” supercomputer would most likely take thousands of years to solve. Elsewhere, stories about robots taking our jobs…
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Google: Don’t Crawl Your Site To Build A Sitemap File

I never understood why people would use a crawler to build their XML sitemap file. I guess if you don’t have access to read the database of your CMS you would do that but seems so inefficient. John Mueller of Google said that also on Reddit. Search Engine Roundtable

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