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PPC Budgets vs. Bids: What’s the Difference?

Budgets and bids – they seem identical, right? If I have a larger budget, I should inevitably be more competitive, win in the ad auction more often, and achieve higher KPI metrics. If I have a smaller budget? Simple – my account wouldn’t perform as well. Why would an account with a $ 5000 monthly budget perform…
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The Difference Between URL Structure and Information Architecture – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlow Questions about URL structure and information architecture are easy to get confused, but it’s an important distinction to maintain. IA tends to be more impactful than URL decisions alone, but advice given around IA often defaults to suggestions on how to best structure your URLs. In this Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow helps…
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264: How One Blogger Builds Engagement and Makes a Difference with Online Community Events

The post 264: How One Blogger Builds Engagement and Makes a Difference with Online Community Events appeared first on ProBlogger. How One Blogger is Using Online Events to Build Engagement and Make a Difference We continue our Blogger Breakthroughs series with a story from Trixi Symonds, whose Coloured Buttons blog teaches kids how to sew.…
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Search basics: the difference between URL structure and Information Architecture

I’ve recently noticed some confusion around the industry on the differences between URL structures and Information Architecture (IA). I thought it was worth clarifying a few points and giving you all some language that is useful when talking about the differences. Pre-requisites – if you aren’t familiar with the following elements, it’s worth reading these…
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Content Optimization vs SEO: What’s The Difference?

SEO has become more complex as search algorithms continue to evolve. It is important to take the user’s full potential intent into consideration when creating content. With the rise of semantic search, the goal is to cover a topic rather … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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The Difference Between Pages and Posts (and Making the Most of Each)

Written by ProBlogger Expert Ali Luke When you think of a blog, you probably think of the posts. You might go to the site to read the latest ones (often on the home page), or they might go straight to your inbox. And if you follow the blogger on social media, you may well see…
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Product List

Loading the page…   Share 1 2   Share Free SEO Software Want to rank highly in Google? Try traffic Travis, free SEO software Traffic Travis is a software designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research. Visit Website…
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