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Google Analytics Asks Customers To Set Their Own Data Retention Policies

The other day, Google emailed their Google Analytics customers with a long email about GDPR and data retention controls. They told their customers that they need to… Search Engine Roundtable

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#Zenith2018 Keynote Q&A: Duane Forrester on Data, Insight & Conversion

With search and digital marketing chops that span two decades, Duane Forrester has built a career at the forefront of our industry. In his current role as VP of Industry Insights for Yext, he and the Yext team help companies gain better control of their brand across digital services, such as Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook,…
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Customer Data Strategies & Identity Resolution: Best Practices

When it comes to customer data, fundamentals matter. If you don’t know who your customers are, you can’t create personalized brand experiences that increase revenue and lifetime value. Before you jump on the latest big digital marketing bandwagon…. ask yourself … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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Google Confirms Chrome Usage Data Used to Measure Site Speed

Posted by Tom-Anthony During a discussion with Google’s John Mueller at SMX Munich in March, he told me an interesting bit of data about how Google evaluates site speed nowadays. It has gotten a bit of interest from people when I mentioned it at SearchLove San Diego the week after, so I followed up with…
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Structured Data, A/B Testing, Bing Ads, Ben Gomes & April Fools

This week, I posted the monthly Google webmaster report, it was a busy month… Search Engine Roundtable

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Structured Data Helps with Google Ranking But Not Huge Ranking Boost

In last week’s Reddit AMA with John Mueller, he reminded site owners about the importance of the use of structured data on websites.  Google has been pushing structured data for a few years now, but in the past year or so, they have stressed how useful it is not just for search features but for…
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Unleash the power of 1st and 3rd party data

The combination of first and third-party data delivers a one-two marketing punch that gives marketers a powerful view into the interests, preferences, affinities and behaviors of customers and prospects alike. When marketers successfully combine and utilize this wealth of data … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

23/03/2018 0

Google Data Studio: The Beginner’s Tutorial

Google Data Studio is a communication tool. It brings together data you store in several places so you can visualize it on one screen. The goal of using Data Studio is to become a data communicator, not a data plumber. There are several Data Studio beginner’s guides in the wild. I’ve created this one to…
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20/03/2018 0

Power to the Marketers: Democratize the Data NOW!

We’ve seen it before. Companies squander great opportunities to realize economies of scale because they lack access to data beyond department walls. Data has become the lifeblood of effective marketing programs, and has become one of the most valuable commodities in strategic marketing. In this post we’ll explore data democratization for definitions and smart insight…
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Google Search Console Adds 16 Months of Data

Webmasters have been asking for more data in Google Search Console beyond the 90 days it has offered.  And webmasters are finally getting it – and more than the 12 months many assumed would be added.  Google has confirmed in a blog post that the new Google Search Console will have 16 months of data.…
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Loading the page…   Share 1 2 3   Share Free SEO Software Want to rank highly in Google? Try traffic Travis, free SEO software Traffic Travis is a software designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research. Visit…
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