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Search Marketing Benchmark Report – SaaS Edition

The marketing and analytics teams at Directive constructed this comprehensive benchmark report including statistics from their 40+ SaaS clients in the year 2018. This report is designed to provide you with benchmark figures from search marketing efforts and how they can … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study: The Most Valuable Online Consumer Trend of 2018 Revealed [Video]

Posted by Alan_Coleman The latest Wolfgang E-Commerce Report is now live. This study gives a comprehensive view of the state of digital marketing in retail and travel, allowing digital marketers to benchmark their 2018 performance and plan their 2019 strategy. The study analyzes over 250 million website sessions and more than €500 million in online…
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Paid Search Benchmark 2018

This report from Adthena benchmarks ad spend and performance in search, across the broad spectrum of industries and advertisers which invest in search advertising. The benchmark encompasses data from over 140 million paid search ads, 135,000 advertisers, and 5.6 million … read more » Read more at Digital Marketing Depot Digital Marketing Depot

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