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Google: Amazon Alexa Rank Does Not Impact Google Search

This is probably super obvious to most of you but this may be the first time I’ve heard Google comment about this. Amazon has this Alexa rank feature, they had it since like 1996, a super long time. Google’s John Mueller was asked if Google uses it for ranking sites and he obviously said no.…
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13/08/2019 0

8 Advanced Tips for Advertising on Amazon

According to a survey by Third Door Media, 80% of Amazon advertisers have plans to increase their Amazon advertising spend in 2019. That means the competition is heating up, and it’s time to take your Amazon advertising game to the next level. Most advertisers start with the basics, learning as they go and adding more advanced…
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02/05/2019 0

What Ecommerce Brand Bidders Can Learn from Amazon Advertising

Bidding on competitors’ brand terms is always a tricky business, but it’s particularly tough for ecommerce. To stand a chance of winning, you need enticing ad copy, tailored landing pages, and an effective bid strategy – yet in most cases it is still very hard to make it work. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible.…
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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

Earlier this month, we said that you can think about optimizing for the Amazon buy box in the same way you think about optimizing content for the organic search results. Both situations involve algorithms designed to deliver shoppers (or searchers) the best experiences possible. The crossover between ecommerce and organic search doesn’t stop there. When…
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26/10/2018 0

Why You Need the Amazon Buy Box—And How to Get It

Think back to when you were a kid. It was obvious from day one that you were born to sell. On a particularly hot day, you decide to open a lemonade stand. After you’ve gathered the lemons, the sugar, and the cups, you consider an important question: Where do you set up shop? You could…
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09/10/2018 0

How to Win Some Local Customers Back from Amazon this Holiday Season

Posted by MiriamEllis Your local business may not be able to beat Amazon at the volume of their own game of convenient shipping this holiday season, but don’t assume it’s a game you can’t at least get into! This small revelation took me by surprise last month while I was shopping for a birthday gift…
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13/08/2018 0

Amazon SEO: How to Rank Highly for Amazon Searches

Amazon SEO: How to Rank Highly for Amazon Searches Marc Schenker Last updated : May 17, 2018 E-commerce Strategy All too often, when we think of SEO, we only think of Google. And of course you want great rankings in the search engines. However, your website isn’t the only place on the web where you…
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26/05/2018 0

My Results with Testing Amazon OneLink to Monetise International Traffic

One of the first income streams I experimented with on my blogs was Amazon’s Associates program. I’ve written extensively on my tips with making money through this affiliate program in my Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Affiliate Program. But today I want to update you on the results of experimenting with their OneLink feature. One…
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