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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Search Algorithm Updates, Video Structured Data Docs & Interviewing Danny Sullivan

This week, I did the video from my hotel room in NYC… Search Engine Roundtable

16/11/2019 0

What Google Wants You to Know about Its Algorithm Updates

Google continues to make algorithm updates and change the search results to please the user. Similar to the saying “the client is always right”, here the saying becomes “the user is always pleased”. Or most of the times, that’s what Google is trying to achieve.     To fulfill that need and deliver good quality content…
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08/11/2019 0

Google BERT Update. How the Natural Language Algorithm Affects You

Just last week Google made waves with its announcement of quantum supremacy – the claim that they have developed a quantum computer that has been demonstrated to solve, in a matter of days, a problem that a “classic” supercomputer would most likely take thousands of years to solve. Elsewhere, stories about robots taking our jobs…
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01/11/2019 0

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google October Algorithm Update, GoogleBot�s New Name, Search Console Changes & More

This week we covered a new unconfirmed Google algorithm update that touched down on October 3rd. Google announced a new user agent name for GoogleBot launching in December. Google added the change of address tool to the new Google Search Console… Search Engine Roundtable

06/10/2019 0

Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 3rd

I am seeing some early signs of a possible Google search ranking algorithm update kicking off today, October 3, 2019. There is some early chatter in the SEO forums, including WebmasterWorld and some on social media. Some of the tools are showing some fluctuations as well today, where some others have not updated yet. Search…
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03/10/2019 0

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Updates, Reviews Rich Results Update, Key Moments In Videos & New Search Console Reports

This week I covered the Google search ranking update fluctuations we saw all week long, no Google did not confirm it. Google launched the Sept… Search Engine Roundtable

22/09/2019 0

How Does the Local Algorithm Work? – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by JoyHawkins When it comes to Google’s algorithms, there’s quite a difference between how they treat local and organic. Get the scoop on which factors drive the local algorithm and how it works from local SEO extraordinaire, Joy Hawkins, as she offers a taste of her full talk from MozCon 2019. Click on the…
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09/09/2019 0

Vlog #14: Marie Haynes On Google Algorithm Updates, EAT & Penalties

In episode #14 of the vlog series at the Search Engine Roundtable I interviewed Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes). Before Marie got into helping site feel better in Google search, she worked with animals as a veterinarian helping animals feel better… Search Engine Roundtable

04/09/2019 0

Google Launched A Freshness Algorithm For Featured Snippets In Late February

Yesterday, Google also confirmed that in late February, it launched a new algorithm aimed at making sure the featured snippets show the most accurate and timely or fresh answers for the query. Pandu Nayak from Google said “a new algorithm update improves our systems’ understanding of what information remains useful over time and what becomes…
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05/08/2019 0

Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Algorithm Update, Core Update Advice, Fresher Featured Snippets, Google Ads, Bing Guidelines & Negative SEO

This turned out to be a pretty busy week in the search space. We had a possible, unconfirmed, but yet really heating up… Search Engine Roundtable

03/08/2019 0

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