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Bing Ads Adds Security Badge Annotations to Search Results

Bing Ads is now live with a new Security Badge Annotations that shows a site is secured when it shows up in the search results. Here is what it looks like. It adds a “Site secured by Norton” to the listing following the URL.  It is worth noting that the displayed URL does not show…
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25/07/2018 0

Bing Adds Color Coded Code Snippets to Search Results

Bing has added a new feature when you do a Bing search for a result that contains a code snippet.  They are highlighting the specific code my colorizing it similar to how some text and code editors do.  It is also split out from the rest of the search result to stand out even more.…
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11/07/2018 0

Google Adds New Hotel Carousel Features to Search Results

Google is testing a new carousel style feature to local packs for resorts and hotels.  In addition to the usual information, it has added an additional carousel before the listings. Dr. Pete Meyers spotted the test.  Here is what it looks like: As you can see in the screenshot, there are new buttons in a…
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26/06/2018 0

Google Adds Location & Location Icon to Search Results

Google is testing a new icon in the search results to show the specific location of a search result, in addition to showing a location icon, similar to the map icon used on Google Maps.  It seems to be used primarily for news results in the regular organic search results. Here is what it looks…
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22/06/2018 0

Google Adds Photos Tab To Local Panel On Android Devices

Sergey Alakov spotted Google adding a new tab to the local panel specifically for Photos. Well, it seems to just be showing on mobile for Android devices, not on iOS devices. If you search on Android, you will get the photos tab, if you search using an iPhone… Search Engine Roundtable

28/04/2018 0

Google Adds Manual Action for Google Job Postings Schema

Google has added a new manual action related to the recently added Google Jobs feature in the search results.  Site that are utilizing the schema and not handling expired job listings properly. Here is what it says: Jobs that are no longer open for applications must be expired in one of the following ways. Failure…
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18/04/2018 0

Google Adds “Mentioned on Wikipedia” Carousels in Search Results

Google has often shown carousels in the search results for both mobile and desktop for all kinds of searches.  Google has added a new version for searches with a “mentioned on Wikipedia” carousel. Searchers, and site owners, have often complained about Google’s carousels not having data from where the information is taken from.  So Google…
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13/04/2018 0

Bing Adds More Intelligent Search Features

Bing announced this week that they launched new intelligent search features. Here is a quick run down on those features: Search Engine Roundtable

28/03/2018 0

Google Image Search Adds Captions To Search Results From Your Page Titles

Google announced yesterday they have added captions to the image search results in Google Image search. They get the captions by using the title attribute from the web page the image is on… Search Engine Roundtable

14/03/2018 0

Google Search Console Adds 16 Months of Data

Webmasters have been asking for more data in Google Search Console beyond the 90 days it has offered.  And webmasters are finally getting it – and more than the 12 months many assumed would be added.  Google has confirmed in a blog post that the new Google Search Console will have 16 months of data.…
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