Sales Rep Salary Averages by State [Infographic]

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Sales Rep Salary Averages by State [Infographic]

17/05/2017 Newsletter 0

Sales Rep Salary Averages by State (Infographic Included!)

Whether you’re looking for a job, negotiating a raise, or looking to hire sales reps – knowing the average sales rep salary for your state will help you!

The sales industry can be finicky.

Salaries can stagnate and leave you needing a cost of living increase in addition to your commission. Not to mention that it’s not likely that a great rep will be selling the same thing at the end of their career as when they started. This may even require a move or two over the course of your working life.

If you find yourself staring at of one of these issues, you may find it helpful to know the average sales rep salary by state.

With the help of and a nifty infographic, we’ve done just that. If you find it interesting or helpful, do us a favor and share it with your colleagues.

Note: The average sales rep salary in the U.S.A. is $58,007.

Average Sales Rep Salary by State (Alphabetical Order)

Alabama $52,979
Alaska $52,375 (Number 46)
Arizona $52,686
Arkansas $53,948
California $60,728
Colorado $57,310
Connecticut $70,252 (Number 3)
Delaware $57,577
Florida $54,293
Georgia $59,848
Hawaii $54,667
Idaho $53,192
Illinois $59,359
Indiana $53,895
Iowa $55,096
Kansas $54,522
Kentucky $52,878
Louisiana $56,222
Maine $63,438
Maryland $61,152
Massachusetts $71,523 (Number 2)
Michigan $54,257
Minnesota $57,444
Mississippi $47,860 (Number 49)
Missouri $56,321
Montana $53,245
Nebraska $59,795
Nevada $53,257
New Hampshire $77,619 (Number 1)
New Jersey $60,931
New Mexico $57,955
New York $61,121
North Carolina $59,769
North Dakota $61,590
Ohio $53,236
Oklahoma $57,917
Oregon $52,025 (Number 47)
Pennsylvania $59,062
Rhode Island $66,462 (Number 5)
South Carolina $54,982
South Dakota $61,434
Tennessee $56,159
Texas $57,938
Utah $51,177 (Number 48)
Vermont $68,157 (Number 4)
Virginia $56,198
Washington $56,484
West Virginia $47,841 (Number 50)
Wisconsin $55,613
Wyoming $63,858

Other Things to Consider

Cost of Living

sales rep salary

Some places are more expensive than others. A place that pays you more to sell stuff may end up costing you more to live there.

Good Example: New Hampshire is the number one in terms of salary, but it’s also nearly 20% more than the national average in terms of cost of living. In this case, the average salary is more than the cost, making it a good deal.

Bad Example: Hawaii on the other hand—not so much. To sell there, you’ll make less than the average sales salary and cost of living is 67% higher than average. Not a great place to save for retirement.

Further Research: Here’s a post listing the cost of living by state.

Average Salary (Not Sales)

sales rep salary

How well is the sales industry thriving in your state of interest?

A good way to tell is to pair up the salary of a sales rep and the average salary in that state.

This could also be a great way to negotiate for a raise. If your wage is lower than both averages, it could give you a bit more leverage (but be careful).

Good Example: Taking New Hampshire again, you’ll see that the average salary overall by state is actually $12,000 less than the average sales salary. This could allude to business being good for reps who can hit quota. (Especially when you look at the cost of living, too.)

Bad Example: Hate to pick on Hawaii again, but if the salary fits. The average statewide pay is $68,201 while the sales reps bring in nearly $14k less than that!

Further Research: Here’s another post giving you the average salaries by state.

Source: B2C


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